The Woman Men Adore: Relationship Advice for Women That Really Works

Hey Veronica here,

If you’re a woman looking for relationship advice that really works, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

Because this is my uncensored story of how I arrived at what I consider to be the ultimate method of learning to understand men and relationships.  The ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work, and finally the one thing that really works for virtually every woman who is trying to become The woman men adore.

You see, I used to struggle in my relationship with my husband.  I would work really hard to try to understand him and go to all sorts of lengths to try to please him.  When my efforts didn’t work I would turn to relationship books that seemed to be full of all kinds of wise ideas.  I would try to make myself more attractive to him or I would try cooking fancy meals, but these things did not help me to make a connection with him.  On the contrary, it just seemed like we became even more distant.

When these efforts left me frustrated I would commiserate with my girlfriends, and while it was therapeutic for me to get my frustrations of my chest, these turned out to be little more than bitching sessions, and did absolutely nothing for my relationship with my husband.

I would find myself standing in the checkout lines at the grocery store gazing at women’s magazines with their headlines promising secrets to better relationships.  I bought a few of these and read them cover to cover, but all these magazines really do is propagate an unrealistic stereotype for women to live up to, and in reality it turns out that this stereotype is not what men are looking for in a relationship anyway.

Finally, quite by accident I stumbled across the solution, and the solution is The Woman Men Adore.  This book by Bob Grant, L.P.C., is the result of his 17 years counseling women in relationships.  The reason it is so effective is because it focuses on what men really want in relationships, rather than being based on a feminine interpretation of what men want.  This is what I had been missing for so many years.

Now my relationship with my husband becomes more and more loving with each and every day, and the beauty of it is that I am putting far less effort into our relationship than ever before.  I have learned to emphasize the things about me that made him fall in love with me in the first place, rather than trying to be something I am not.  Being the woman my husband adores has never been easier.

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Relationship Advice: Be Responsible for Your Own Happiness

We’re always on the hunt for quick tips that can help fix our relationship, whether it be little things you can do to make him love or respect you more or large scale acts that will show him that you’re special and not like the others. But the truth is, while these can work, the real work starts with you. As much as we don’t like to admit, we might be the reoccurring problem in our relationships. Sure, men can be oblivious and some times we have to remind them to do something more, but when we feel like they are failing to meet our needs it’s important to assess those needs and see if they should be the ones meeting them in the first place.

As women, we have the tendency to want to give and give and give again. We want to take care of someone, make sure they are happy, well fed, safe, warm, you know… all those maternal instincts, but some times we give so much that we forget to take care of ourselves.

The first long-term relationship I had went a little like that. I was so focused on his happiness and impressing him that I forgot about myself. I lost sight of hobbies that I had, I canceled plans with friends to be with him and and I generally let things fall by the wayside. It didn’t take long for me to become unhappy. I felt like he wasn’t doing enough and that the relationship input was largely uneven. And truthfully, it was. I was giving my all when I didn’t have to. He became bored and distant because I made it too easy and I became depressed and really needy. It took me a long time to figure out that my unhappiness was my fault. I had put so much stock into him that I forgot that all of the things I used to do were the reason I was happy. He was not responsible for fulfilling my day-to-day. He wasn’t there to make me happy, he was there to make me happier. We broke up several times, but it took till the third time to finally click. I immediately changed my attitude and with that everything improved. I started working out again, went back to my DIY projects and became less available. He came running and loved me more than he ever had before. Suddenly, he was giving me everything I had wanted all along and this time I wasn’t asking for it.

When you make someone else responsible for your happiness, you immediately place a burden on to them that they were not looking for. They were interested in you in the beginning because you had so much going on. They liked that your life was full and interesting, but then you gave it up to be with them because you thought that was what they wanted. It’s not. Men never seem to lose sight of what they love. They still have guy’s night, make it to the gym and watch their favorite sports team on TV. It shouldn’t be any different. We shouldn’t find ourselves giving up our weekly brunch with friends just to watch a football game with them. Keep your sense of self and you’ll both be happier in the end.

Now an important note to make on the topic of meeting needs is: that while your happiness with yourself is your responsibility, there are chances he is not meeting your needs, doing enough, or respecting you enough. If you feel like you have looked inside yourself and have done everything you can to better yourself and be who you are and things are still not working out, you should sit down and talk to him. If he doesn’t seem interested in making you happier then it’s simply time to go. Don’t make excuses for him. A man who loves you will want to meet your needs and work on the relationship. A man who doesn’t won’t There’s no reason to stay in something that isn’t worth it, especially when you can get all the love you need from Adam & Eve.

So next time you feel unhappy with your relationship, think before you speak. Is it you or is it them?

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What Men Want From Women

What men want from women has always been a popular question.  For a woman keen on understanding men and relationships and trying to become The Woman Men Adore, the answer to this question is certainly a high priority.  In general people are pretty clueless as to what the other gender wants or needs.  However, gaining insight into what your potential partner or current partner finds desirable is extremely helpful.  Don’t become fixated on trying to become something you’re not because you think your partner wants you to look or act in a specific way.  This is universally untrue.  The key is to start emphasizing the best things about you.  Here are some simple things that you can do that will please any man.

  • Don’t play games.  A little bit of flirting or teasing is fine, and most men will actually enjoy it.  But playing games is completely different, and men are not interested at all.  This is a sure way to go from being intriguing to not being taken seriously at all, and is a definite turnoff.
  • Don’t beat around the bush.  Your man does not want to have to work hard to understand you, so speak your mind clearly.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Your man does not read minds and is not interested in riddles.  If something is bothering you, let him know what it is in simple terms so that it can be addressed.
  • Ask your man to compliment you.  Sometimes your man simply forgets that his infatuation with you is not necessarily obvious, and takes it for granted that you already know how beautiful you are to him.  Asking him about your choice of style and color will also allow you to understand his tastes.  Feel free to flatter him as well.  Your man enjoys compliments more than you realize, since his main goal in the relationship is to feel good.
  • Prove that you are trustworthy.  Men are just as vulnerable as women are when it comes to love and they don’t want to have their hearts broken either.  Your man wants and needs to know that he can trust you.  This means that you must be honest with him always.  He can see through your deception just as you can see through his.  Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.  This will destroy any chance of a long lasting relationship because he’ll have trouble trusting you.  You need to be yourself from day one.

It is not necessary to leave love to fate or chance.  Understanding what men want from women will allow you to create an unbreakable emotional connection with your man.

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The Woman Men Adore: Have the Man You Ache For with These Quick and Painless Tips

It seems like women are constantly searching for techniques they can use to achieve the happy, loving, and fulfilling relationships with men that they desire.  The truth is that if they truly want to become The Woman Men Adore, then there are some simple things they can do to change their lives today.  The following relationship tips for women are based on what men are really looking for in a relationship, rather than what women think men should want in a relationship, and this is the key.

  • Praise your man instead of criticizing him.  Everyone prefers criticism over praise, but men in particular want their women to make them feel good.  A few words of praise will do this every time.
  • Be confident.  In general, if you believe in yourself, others will believe in you as well.  Men are always drawn to and turned on by women with confidence.  This is far more attractive to men than any physical attribute.
  • Tell men what you want.  It is extremely important that you don’t expect your man to read your mind.  No man wants to put this much effort into a relationship.  Love has nothing to do with the fact that men need to be told what women desire or are thinking.  Please don’t test your man in this manner.  Politely request what you need rather than being demanding.  If you nag you will seem more like his mother than his partner.
  • Stay positive.  Positive attitudes tend to inspire the attitudes of others.  Likewise, people are turned off by negative attitudes.  Men gain far more happiness from the happiness of their partner than from anything else.

I know from experience that these tips work. Try them and you, too, will see how your man starts meeting your needs.  Just these few simple principles will vastly improve your relationship with the man in your life.

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